Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ühe ajaloolise võltsingu lõpp - canard about jews tearing down estonian flag exposed

Mahavõetud sinimustvalge lipp ja mahavõtjad 21.06.1940.a.

"The blue-black-white tricolor, taken down from the mast, lies at the feet of the coup d'État participants at the top of the Tall Hermann tower. From left: Metal worker Edgar Petree, Karl Leesik, unknown person, Aleksander Resev and an unknown person. Even the workers of pictures division of the former Institute of the party history were unable to identify the unknown persons. This picture is not known to have been published in Soviet time." 

for the reference:  Hävituspataljonid Eestis 1944–1954   (insurgency fighter battalion)                                                                                                         organisation and personnel

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Begin monument erected in Belarusian hometown

One year after 100th anniversary of birth of Israel's sixth prime minister, monument unveiled in city of Brest